Monday, March 22, 2010

What do schools and the UK gov offices have in common?

Every citizen to have personal webpage

Having lived in the Middle East where "lining up"was a full time job, I must say this sounds like heaven. Not having to go to any government office is like a "get out of jail free" card. Online access for passports, car registration, doctor's appointments, and more! There is a lot of uproar about the loss of jobs for the people working in the public sector - but this will continue to happen when jobs can be done easier, cheaper, and better in a virtual setting. 

The jobs we have known for over 100 years are disappearing - how does that make you feel? What does this mean for schools? Jennie
From the Mar 20, 2010 article;

Everyone in the country is to be given a personalised webpage for accessing Government services within a year as part of a plan to save billions of pounds by putting all public services online, Gordon Brown is to announce.

...the secure site would include a Facebook-style interactive service allowing people to ask medical advice of their doctor or consult their children's teachers.

The move could see the closure of job centres and physical offices dealing with tax, vehicle licensing, passports and housing benefit within 10 years as services were offered through a single digital ''gateway'', Downing Street sources told the newspaper.

Private firms such as Amazon could be involved in a bid to make the processes as simple as possible, it said.
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