Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making classic novels engaging for the 1:1 laptop kids

This is an excellent middle school project created by Megan Palevich to teach the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird". SOCIAL MEDIA in Language Arts class.

- create a facebook profile for one of the characters -put in quotes from them and add "friends" (other characters from the novel). Create a "bio", favourite activities, and list political views.

TWITTER - tweet the full novel in 20 short summaries (they will think long and hard about each tweet to condense it down :-).

IM - re-create an instant message "chat" between two characters related to an incident in the novel.

WORDLE - create a wordle (from the tweets or facebook?) for the cover page of the project.

Now take this general concept and go deeper for even more analysis. Assigning chapters 3 to 8 as homework would be a thing of the past!  -Jennie

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