Friday, March 19, 2010

Gmail rocks, and the rest sock!

Back in the day, I started with hotmail (spit 3 times).Then I set up outlook on all 3 of my computers at work and home. Eventually, I saw the light and started using gmail

  1. I can get to it anywhere, anytime, and anyway (and it always looks the same).
  2. No ads, spam, or other junk on my screen to slow it down.
  3. I can manipulate it to work and look the way I personally feel is more productive.
  4. I can use it in connection with all my online files (shared docs), my photos (picasa), my calendar (shared), and tons of other integrated tools. I keep very few files on any hard-drive now.
  5. I can see emails grouped by conversations.
  6. I never worry about losing an email while writing it (gmail saves constantly). 
  7. IT IS WEB 2.0 and the rest just SOCK in a very 1.0 way!

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