Thursday, May 7, 2009

Week Nine (Thing 22 & 23) Reflection

Thing #22
Reflect on your learning experience by posting your final thoughts on your blog; the content, the collaboration, and the connectivity. Videos or sites that support your reflection are welcomed.

Thing #23 Get another ISB member to sign up for next September's "23 things". Post their name on your blog with their reasons for wanting to go through this pain!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed all 23 THINGS!

A get-together and certificate awards date will be announced when we can find an open day.

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  1. Links' Reflection
    WOW what a whirlwind ride and a true learning experience our 23 Things Course was! I’m so glad that I joined as I’m truly a life-long learning who never ceases to learn. Participating in the 23 Things course definitely opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me, and helped me think outside the box. I believe that completing this course has helped me become a more efficient 21st educator and learner. I thoroughly enjoyed not only learning about the variety of tools and ways of collaboration and networking that are currently available, but also creating an incredible PLN which will help my professional growth. (With twitter, I’m not only connected to over 150 people, but am keeping abreast of the latest news, trends and developments.)
    More importantly I’m now a 2.0 Educator, as I’m applying what I’ve learned; for e.g. I’m collaborating using Google Docs and G Talk. I’m also using and sharing Google calendars, and iTunes, not only for listening to music but to a variety of university and other educational Podcasts, for e.g on UPCC. My students can now also make their own podcasts. Our children are the UCPP generation they have become our educators; they educate us in true Life-Long Learning!
    Please refer to Kim Cofino’s Presentation: The 21st Century Learner Jessica Coates Presentation, and to Jeff Utech “ I don’t Like Learning Alone”
    Other Creative Commons websites:
    During our course we covered the following Blogging (I LOVE having my own Blog; I started my own Blog journey after watching an inspiring video by Will Richardson. If used correctly, Blogs can be very powerful in education and the classroom; as they can extend conversations from within the classroom to a wider audience. Blogs and avatars- such as Voki- are particularly useful in situations where students are unable to come to school, but where instruction needs to continue.) Tagging (I have not only made Delicious tags for each curricula area and my own interests, but for colleagues and friends as well.)
    By using these tools and the philosophy of collaboration and sharing, I’m now able to draw knowledge, support, and resources from my ever-expanding PLN. As a Classroom Teacher, I can find and collaborate with others who are passionate about learning and teaching, and who also want to share their experiences.

    Even though our 23 Thing course has come to an end; I know that I will continue learning and applying what I’ve learned. I will also continue collaborating, not only with my group members, but others. I also plan to invite others to join this very worthwhile learning adventure. I’m proud to be called a 2.0 Educator!