Friday, May 1, 2009

Week Eight (Thing 20 & 21)

Information wants to be free!

Thing #20 Post 3 sites (links) on your blog where you can find CC work.

Thing #21 Choose from the free podcasts or itunes u and add 3 feeds to your blog.

If you are having problems finding podcast addresses - try these:
CBC has a simple site for this
ABC (Australia)
Radio NZ

Thanks to Paul Husken for figuring this out - sometimes it works by clicking on the small "i" next to the podcast you want to feed to your blog in itunes -copy the podcast url.

How to use itunes
itunes u (universities putting their lectures on itunes)
itunes free podcasts

On your blog:
  1. Choose "Add a Gadget"
  2. Choose "Feed"
  3. Paste the copied RSS code (from the podcast) in there and it will ask for you to continue and fill out more detail.


  1. WOW Jennie! We spoke about CC the other day, but I had no idea just how BIG it is, and how quickly it has spread around the globe! Yes it's true copyright should be a thing of the past and we should all share info, take and create something new, for e.g. remix music etc like the composer from Brazil. I totally agree that culture needs to be freed, the walls need to be knocked down between author and reader, composer and listener, artist and audience etc, no middle man. That's why I love those free Podcasts; where I can listen to a Harvard Lecture as if I was attending the Uni.

  2. I never realized just how hard scientists - possibly the world's biggest researchers- have had it; and in some places still have it, with information locked up in so many different places. It is high time they have access to readily-available and free information if they are to do their work efficiently and successfully; for e.g.find cures for numerous diseases. So not just a creative commons, but time for a science commons as well!