Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The home stretch...

Our ultimate goal is to create our own "Personal Learning Network" or PLN which, in turn, makes you a better Educator.

By using these "things" or tools and the philosophy of collaboration and sharing, you will be able to draw knowledge, support, resources, and confidence from your worldwide network of professional "peeps".

Whether you are
a Classroom Teacher, teaching ESL, an Assistant, a Math Teacher, teaching Design or Music, dealing with Health, or are in Administration - you will be able to find and collaborate with others that are passionate and are driven to share their experiences.

In the next 4 weeks we will try to cover the following:

CONCEPTS: "Tagging", "How kids construct their identities", "Copyright, Fair Use, & Creative Commons", " Open Source vs Proprietary Software", "Disruptive Technologies", and "How does all this improve our world".
TOOLS: delicious, facebook, twitter, Ning, itunes, podcasts, odeo, lastfm, youtube, teacherTV, teachertube, flickr, and more.

Graduation Dinner and award of "Educator 2.0" certificates in late April/early May.

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