Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Congratulate yourself!

What we have learned so far...and we are only half way!

gmail, igoogle page, embedding links, creating a "profile", shared calendars, shared docs, blogging, embedding videos, posting images, firefox, firefox add-ons, googletalk chatting, adding chat friends, settings for chat, creating groups, Picasa, photo web albums, making collages, making movies from our photos, emailing photos, uploading/downloading to our albums, how to find, follow, and add blogs, adding a "gadget", adding a "list", privacy settings, and many more!

We have also considered "Creativity", "Visual Literacy", and "Social Networks" (the support of being "connected" online and the idea of "sharing" with others).

All of these tools and concepts are part of "21st Century Literacy".

*Remember to high five any other "23er" and laugh with your heads thrown back - this really irks the staff that didn't join up.


  1. We truly are Life-Long Learners and super role-models for our students!
    My students LOVE the new 5A calendar I created for them, showing all due dates and important events/dates and upcoming events. It's hard to believe that such a short time ago I didn't even know about, let alone use, over half the things we've been introduced to and are using now. I LOVE THIS COURSE!

  2. This is great feedback on the course. I may use this as a testimonial when we are finished.