Monday, December 28, 2015

Good education starts with an engaging story...but how do we find them?

My focus this year is to make deeper connections to our storybooks in our School Library - instead of typing in a book search for "insects", "fantasy", "homes", or "emotions"... I want teachers to find book lists on concepts of; change, causation, open-mindedness, thinking, reflection, empathy, perspective, collaboration, cycles, conflict, adaptation, flexibility, and interdependence.

I think this way of searching tells us a lot about good education - what type of searcher/categorizor are you?

Are you more comfortable in a concrete, linear, structured world? Do you see your business/school/classroom/family embracing the abstract, organic, creative world that is evolving?

If we want our students to walk away from a story about collaboration, thinking, adaptation, can we then go on to model the opposite in our school systems and personal lives?

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