Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pinterest for Educators and Librarians

As with most tech fads, I sign up, have a look around and try to actually use it as an educator. I eventually drop the tool if there is little value for schools. Pinterest has made it through my test run. 

I started using it when we were moving houses - for decorating ideas. Then I created a board to collect recipes; this is the typical fare on Pinterest,  Then I discovered "organization ideas". Like a Librarian with rabies, these organizational images appealed to my OCD need to put things in their proper place!

Eventually, I began to see some great ideas for classrooms, libraries, and edtech solutions. As one of my goals this year, I am working with teachers to improve their classroom library spaces.

Classroom Library ideas on my Pinterest

What I offered to my teachers,
Classroom Library Makeover consultation for FREE!
  • Display the front of books when possible and rotate in new books each week.
  • Quick book talks (if you know the book, or simply read the book jacket out loud). Books are judged by the cover too often.
  • Weeding (recycling) worn out classroom books -be brave!
  • Have a desktop computer set to Destiny Quest/Tumblebooks/JStor/Google Scholar
  • Classroom book orders (resist the urge to order lots of paper books - buy  hard covers)
  • Environmental psychology (big word for appealing spaces) 
  • Student driven - how would they organize the books? What are their ideas to get others to read or research
  • Planting the seed for book donations with parents
  • Classroom Librarian uniform (coat, badge, or hat). This student manages the book/desktop area and School Library connection.
  • Student Librarian special "visit pass" to the Library to gather books related to units.

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