Monday, February 28, 2011

Gates Foundation is not helping education


Invite your buddies over for drinks, go with your "gut" feelings, and put your money into the pockets of every possible committee, organization, group, and book club to push your special kind of educational reform. This way, there is no one left standing to even question your agenda.

A misguided belief, misinterpreted data, and the MOST MONEY IN THE WORLD have created a disaster for educational reform around the world. And we are all part of the push because the average person loves to regurgitate sound bites.

When we repeatedly hear from high level, well respected leaders in our society; that they support initiatives to make the world a better place... we tend to repeat their mantras.

As with most educational research that is used to promote reform, the latest American educational effort has little scientific basis according to Joanne Barkan, a prominent US socialist activist and freelance writer.

If you would like to see how a handful of people are running things in Education... please read this.

Letter to Duncan explaining their mistake to quote testing scores to push a misguided reform agenda.

Does this article have to be leaked through Wikileaks to get some airtime?

This article came to me through Roger Schank's twitter feed.
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