Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Build more PLAY into our schools!

What a great site!

Bright ideas: Build a Fairy House

We've all built sandcastles and snowmen. But have you ever built a Fairy House? These whimsical "bonsai houses," which are the perfect size for fairies and other small creatures, are constructed of natural materials, like sticks, bark, dry grasses, pebbles, shells, feathers, seaweed, and pine cones.Read more

Cool playgrounds! All-natural play

Want a playground made of all-natural ingredients? Look no further than Auburn University's new nature playground, which boasts an eagle's nest, tree house, beaver lodge, mole tunnel, sandpit, teepee, boulders, and logs. Unlike bright plastic monkey bars and slides, these play elements are camoflauged  -- but children seem to have no problem finding them.Read more

Exploring the world beyond the screen

"Probably during the day, I send about, like, 300, 400, 500 text messages." So claims one of the teenagers featured in the documentary, Play Again, which recently won "Best in Fest" at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival. The film follows six screen-happy teenagers who unplug to embark on their first wilderness adventure.Read more

Inspiration Monday: Preschool in the forest

One thing that preschool teachers at Cedarsong Nature School don't say much is, "Use your indoor voices." That's because their students are never indoors. Rain or shine, this preschool program in Vashon, Wash. takes place entirely outside, drawing from German educator Friedrich Fröbel's belief that young kids should spend most of their time playing in nature. Read more

Inspiration Monday: Discover a forest near you

Use outdoor voices only. Get your shoes muddy. Please run.
These are just a few “rules” from, which has produced this great video to inspire kids to get out into nature. Says the narrator:Read more

Blank Foundation hosts webcast on "nature-deficit disorder"

The Atlanta Taskforce on Play (led by KaBOOM Playmaker Cynthia Gentry) is partnering with the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation to host a live webcast with Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, on Tuesday, February 16.Read more

Go wild with nature play webinars!

Though it doesn't look like the snow here in DC will ever end, we at KaBOOM! know that spring will eventually be here, and with it will come the ability for more kids to get out and play in the grass and sunshine! In the spirit of showcasing the brighter side of Mother Nature, we'd like to highlight a couple webinars on nature play that we've hosted with some special guest experts.Read more

More new trainings from our busy training staff

BeeThe KaBOOM! training staff have been very busy bees! I just announced some great online training sessions coming up this month, and now there are even more scheduled! Lots of great topics, too. Read more

October is NeighborWoods Month!

NeighborWoodsAll around the country, in rural communities and big cities alike, special events and activities ranging from tree plantings to street festivals to youth programs this month will help "re-green" communities and educate people about the value of trees.Read more

Take it outside Oct. 19-23!

Take it Outside! WeekLooking for ways to get your kids outdoors and active? Wanting to continue the momentum from your recent KaBOOM! Play Day? Curious to see how early childhood educators are promoting outdoor play? Well, check out your local Take It Outside! Week event!Read more

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