Friday, December 3, 2010

How to run the BEST BOOK SALE EVER!

After our last book sale, I was looking for a better way to do things when I heard an idea on some University Information Literacy podcast (yes, I know that sounds geeky)... 

"Don't price everything and don't organize the books"

Thus, the "Fill-a-Bag" for 200 dinar (about $2.50) was born. Books were set out in boxes and scattered randomly on tables. It worked like a charm. Everyone had a fair shot at finding good books. In the past, the best FICTION or CHILDREN books were scooped up right away. With this method, those books were mixed in the boxes and treasures were found all over.

Since we are overseas, it's hard to find a bookstore that you can lounge around in for hours. So I tried to re-create a BORDERS or CHAPTERS feel. Student council provided drinks - hot chocolate and apple cider, CAS kids provided waffles, the Garden Club sold apple sauce and herbs, and the PTA sold logo items.

We made 54,000 Dinar ($675 USD) - even though making a profit was not the goal, it was a sweet bonus. The main goal was to make the event a community outreach to get books in the homes of the local and school community; hopefully promoting literacy by having more books accessible to children. We will donate 30,000 of the profits to Kraljevo, a town badly damaged in a recent earthquake here in Serbia. The remaining money will go to buying more Serbian books for our Library.

STRESS FREE EVENT because of all of the great volunteers and helpers... THANKS to our support crew, volunteer ISB staff and parents.

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  1. Best book sale ever! Who wouldn't be inspired after that event. Jennie you are are dead-set legend:-)