Wednesday, May 19, 2010

International Baccalaureate program being slandered - how un-IB is that?

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There are very few things in my life that make my blood boil...but an attack on an idea that can make the world a better place by calling the International Baccalaureate program..."un-american" (which is usually code for "doesn't make a profit" by the people saying it)  and "marxist" (which has a whole new meaning for me now that I live in a former communist country) is like something from a bad movie. How can anyone still believe this kind of propoganda? Where is Jon Stewart on this one?

Thank goodness there is some sense to this article in the Washington Post, "Protesters call IB program un-American. Is it?" 

Here is the comment I left on the Post in reaction to the negative press that is being thrown around...

This whole issue is laughable. The people against IB have no clue. I teach overseas in an IB school and believe it is the kind of system that can create the kind of people the world needs now... more than ever. If that is "un-American" - then fantastic! Travel and meet some other cultures. I am really disgusted how easily these "sound bites" are believed. If a cheap Fox news report is the most critical thinking a person does in a day...then IB should be 100% supported. Get your heads in the game of saving this planet. - Jennie

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