Saturday, March 6, 2010

US Ed-Tech plan coming

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Well what do ya know - the US is finally stepping up to the plate! Karen Cator, director of the Office of Education Technology for the U.S. Department of Ed, described their new Ed Tech plan at a conference on March 2nd. -Jennie
  1. Learning. This means unprecedented access to learning for students, as well as finding new ways of understanding what types of learning experiences work best.
  2. Teaching. Teaching needs to be highly connected with data, experts, and resources to provide a personalized learning experience for every student. Online learning also needs to be harnessed as an in-classroom and outside-of-classroom tool to reach every student possible.
  3. Assessment. Assessments need to measure what matter most; provide real-time feedback for students, teachers, and parents; be embedded in classroom instruction; manage a persistent learning record; and provide continuous improvements at all levels.
  4. Infrastructure. This means providing 24-7 access to tools and resources for teachers and students; including broadband access, cyber safety measures, best implementation practices, and leveraging economies of scale.
  5. Productivity. To get students over a higher bar, said Cator, schools need to increase their efficiency in terms of time, money, and staff.
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