Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The GOOGLE DOCtor is in!

For whatever ails you...there is a cure!
This week's focus on our 1:1 laptop Teacher Training program (we need a better brand name) is Google Docs. Once you have a gmail account, you can upload any file from you computer (or create a new one on gdocs) and place it in the cloud (see video). Having access to my work "wherever and whenever" is very liberating.

Working in the isolation of a word/excel/powerpoint Microsoft document feels like an barren wasteland now. Collaboration on one "live" space creates a community of thought. The type of docs I currently use are for planning sessions, a shared continuum doc, accreditation docs, students progress charts, book lists with global librarians, conference notes shared with attendees, school mission statement, developing policy docs, "how to" powerpoints, and hundreds more. 
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