Tuesday, February 23, 2010

THE VALUE OF A PICTURE BOOK: 5 Life-Lessons Your Child Gets From Stories


How to raise lifelong readers and writers.
Reading a book is a unique opportunity to see the world from another person or thing's perspective...(more)

Stories also help us to learn the pleasure of taking our time, deciphering meaning, and creating connections between ideas.

Importance of Imagination
Imagination is a powerful force. It can give our children the power to transcend their environments, invent new ideas, develop breakthroughs, and believe in miracles. Books invite us to indulge our imaginations.

Similar to imagination, curiosity is a driving force. It fuels us to uncover new information and learn new skills. It is an indication that we are thinking deeply about the world around us and shows an eagerness for knowledge and understanding.

Great children's book authors recognize that children have extraordinary power to shape their own worlds. Through reading, you can give your child a sense of his or her own power in shaping and creating a powerfully loving community.

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