Friday, November 20, 2009

Chez Dewey - Library proud

Last year, out necessity with only 3 computers in the lower school library, I came up with a game to teach the students how to search for books using our online Library Catalog. I called the lesson "Chez Dewey".

It was a big hit and I shared it with my online Librarian network of 12,000 members worldwide. The lesson has spread around and keeps getting posted on various sites. Here is what they did with the idea in Georgia, USA. Note their change from Chez to Chef (my Canadian heritage showing through).
Chef Dewey - video Oct 28th, 2009 The meeting began with the media specailists getting into character as resturant patrons, chefs, waiters/waitresses, and chef assistants. The group role played a resturant senario as they worked as teams to define keywords, locate books, and finish a graphic organizer. The lesson was based on a posting to LM_Net by Jennie Scott-McKenzie and Adame (2008).

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