Monday, September 21, 2009


Feedback from the last group...

Have you used any of the ideas, tools... or has the philosophy altered your approach to education (learning/teaching)? 

I have used my blog a lot for presenting lessons to my class.  It’s a great place to store YouTube videos as well as sites for my students.  I also used it for keeping my twitter feeds as well.  I am always looking for more apps I can use with my science class.   

What do you feel good about since this course? 
Everything!  I have more confidence in fiddling around and finding things out on the net and with Web 2.0 tools/apps than ever before! 

What do you wish you knew more about now? 
My PanaBoard!  I wish I had more time to use it and learn everything I can do with it in my classroom.  I basically use it as a really expensive LCD screen!

I have used many of the tools - blogs, shared bookmarking, twitter, rss feeds, Google Earth, shared docs - and my teaching has been greatly improved! I always wanted to include technology more into my classroom however I was afraid I would be using it as another gimmick rather than an authentic and relevant tool. Since 23 Things, I am now confidently and effectively using technology in my classroom. Plus, these tools have also helped me be more effective in my lesson planning!

I am in touch with a community of teachers online who share ideas and resources. Being at a small school and the only grade 7&8 Humanities teacher, it's nice to be in touch with other humanities teachers online through Twitter. Also, using shared bookmarking (Delicious), has greatly reduced my search time online and my results are more focused and usable while RSS feeds keep me up to date on latest educational ideas.

I would love to take an advanced 23 things class if it were offered! I want to know more about it all! how to integrate skype, how to make, videos, how to use moodlic to it's full potential, google wave, etc......

I have learned a lot. I can understand what people are talking about and also I can understand what am I doing. I would like to know more about RSS feeds. This was something that I think slipped my mind. I also can say that the course is so effective and I am using it on a daily base.

I keep on telling everybody about the blogs and what they are for. I even tell people in Serbian Medical Society that the 23 things is a great course and that they should implement this as well. Everybody should have this knowledge, it can be used everywhere, in each vocational category.

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