Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 7 (Things 17, 18, & 19)


Partners (to help each other nut through this week)
Amy and Tijana
Draginja and Jennie
Janice and Tim
Elena and Dunja
Kirsten and Arsen
Lilly and Ivana J
Links and Katarina
Paul M and Luiz
Serene and Divna
Yvonne and Shannon
Visnja and Rada
Vladimir and Paul H
Nemanja and Marianne

Thing #17 Listen or watch this presentation by Mark Federman. Think about how you have constructed your "identity". Comment on your blog about "UCAPP" and the 4 "C"s

Thing #18 Twitter Widget for Blogger - Post a twitter widget on your blog (click on mine on the right here). Follow all other members (twitter names are listed on our shared progress chart).

Thing # 19
Find and follow 5 leaders using Twitter in your job area (y
ou should be able to find leaders that post their "twitter" names inside the sites and blogs from your Google Reader feeds). Re-tweet at least 5 tweets from these leaders that you are now following in Twitter.

E-book: Twitter for Beginners (How to re-tweet)
  1. Copy the tweet and paste it in the tweet box.
  2. Add “RT” (short for “re-tweet”) at the beginning, and add “@” before the username.
Here is a tweet from Crow Info Design...
Anyone know a Twitter client that allows you to use multiple Twitter accounts besides Twhirl?
When you copy it and re-tweet - you need to add RT @whoever you copied from...
RT @CrowInfoDesign Anyone know a Twitter client that allows you to use multiple Twitter accounts besides Twhirl?
Twitter Support


  1. From a past colleague:

    "I am always trying out stuff. Nowhere near as up on things as you and Paul but I'm trying to be better connected. QSI is looking at having something online where people can share assessments and activities etc. that we are using and organize according to grade level.
    On a smaller scale I am trying to use Google groups with my colleagues here....and you know what's great, everyone here is on board, and if they aren't entirely, they are asking for help. Owe it all to you Jennie...see you reached somebody, and through me, you are reaching more."

  2. Hi Jennie,
    I'm following 5 educational twitters now. But in terms of re-tweets, I haven't seen anything worth re-tweeting except items that are not from individuals, but from twitter-feeds. Can I just re-twit those, citing "twitterfeed" as the previous author, for Thing 19?