Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week Six (Things 14, 15, & 16)

Social Bookmarking (tagging explained)

Thing #14 Join delicious (look for the green "join now" on the top right). Add delicious buttons to Firefox. Post your new delicious user name on your blog (I recommend you use the same as your gmail - e.g.,
Paul's user name on delicious is paulbmckenzie and mine is jennieteacher).

Thing #15 I have listed your partner below for this thing. Talk to your partner about their job. Bookmark and share 10 sites that your partner would like on delicious. For example; if I were to partner with Draginja, I would search on delicious for sites like "humanities", "social studies", "geography", "history", "Grade 6 social studies", "middle school history", etc. I would "tag" the best 10 in my delicious account and then "share" them with her on delicious. Hopefully you are already connected to your partner by googletalk and can ask them about their job.

Thing #16 Create an Avatar on Voki and post it to your blog. Have your Avatar discuss "23 things" - what you have learned or how you think it will affect the way you work. You can either record your own voice or type it in, and then choose a voice that will read your comments out.


  • Amy and Arsen
  • Draginja and Rada
  • Janice and Dunja
  • Katarina & Paul M
  • Kirsten & Ivana J
  • Lilly and Elena
  • Links and Luiz
  • Nemanja and Divna
  • Paul H and Marianne
  • Yvonne and Tim
  • Tijana and Serene
  • Visnja and Jennie
  • Vladimir and Shannon


  1. I love the Social Networking and the SHARING of Bookmarks. It's great how, via Tags, Delicious enables the quick organization of all my bookmarks.

  2. Is anyone else having problems with their voki avatars? I have successfully embedded it into my blog but then when I try and play my message I am re-directed to another page that claims it doesn't exist...???


  3. Shannon, did you activate your Voki account?

  4. Yes! I have a voki account! My avatar did work for about a day and then...well...i don't know!