Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week Two (Thing 2 and 3)

Please complete by next Tuesday (Feb 17th) and email me your blog link.


Set up your own blog & add your first post. Your first post can be a simple "Hello" or a paragraph on the video (see below).

Thing #3
Assuming we all agree that technology is changing education and teaching (for right or wrong)... support that idea with a video. Place that video on your new blog (either as a link or as embedded video).
  • Example video:
  • Starting point- on the right of this blog is a list of sites to help you begin searching.
  • Some keywords for searching: collaboration, "24/7 education", "open learning", "web 2.0", "school 2.0", edtech, connectivity, social networks+schools, "personal learning networks, "education+think tanks", "21st century skills", "flat schools", "creative education", "new schools", "student centered learning", remix

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