Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week Three (Things 4, 5, 6, & 7)

This is a big week for us and thank goodness we have the holiday. Remember to ask other members for help or offer your assistance.

A key 21st Century skill is the ability to "collaborate and solve problems" using experts and friends in your social networks, online help forums, tutorials, chats, etc.

Thing #4
Put Firefox (download here) on your computers at home and school. Then get 5 new "add-ons" for Firefox. Post your list of the 5 "add-ons" you chose on your blog.

Google Suite (things #5, #6, and #7)

Thing #5
Inside your gmail, make a "contact group" called '23 things' and add all the members gmail addresses only (not their ISB email addresses). Post a screen shot of this completed group list to your blog (click on image to enlarge). This one was done with the Fireshot add-on.

Thing #6
Get Google Talk & Video at home and school. Invite all other members to "chat" on it. Post a screen shot of your google talk box on your blog. This one was done with "Print Sc" on your keyboard and pasted into Paint - then saved and added here as an image.

Thing #7
Make igoogle your homepage so when you go on Firefox, the first page shows all of your google suite tools. You must "add stuff" to get your gmail, calendar, docs, etc to show up there. This is the first time I am asking you to find out how to do something by searching for it online. Post a screenshot of it completed on your blog. This one was done with the Fireshot add-on.


  1. My wrists hurt and my eyes stung by the time I finished Things #4-7. I changed the name of my blog accordingly.

  2. I love Google's way of explaining the Pros&(no)Cons of keeping files on some (their) dedicated server. Comparison with traveling by plane and by car... :D